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It is a peaceful town, you have heard of adventurers, but seems like tall tales. Your family does well and so you are not driven to by need yet. Orcs live in the mountains, but stay there. There are undead and lizard men to the east. Far north are elves. You have heard that Pirates are problems in the oceans to the south. There is some desert to the NorthWest, that people that try to go there never come back. Far, to the north past the elves there are evil lands of the Zenthil keep mages and Clerics, but so far away is not an issue … Gnolls roam the planes to the east … slavers on the far coast past the oceans to the east.

Its a sunny and peaceful day. You are coming back from going hunting with friends. You are talking about going to the Black Stag tavern to oogle at the Naugthy Nymps, a traveling troupe of the singers/comedians that every one has raved about. This will be your first time to get a chance to look at them, you are truly excited over this. A couple of your friends are glad, and comment with your friends how sometimes you wonder why adventurers do it … why after making a score, they wont stop, set up a shop and go. Full moon in 2 more days, a good night to try to chase some girls around the village. A such a fun time, you thank the gods that you live in a area of the realm that has seen prosperity.

take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

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